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Friday Five ... Going There

It’s finally time. It’s time I finalize my resolutions. But mine really aren’t textbook resolutions. I learned, long ago, those never work for me. Instead, I assign myself goals and tasks. Past ones that have worked well:
Eat more fruit.
Embrace the icky, tricky, and sticky.

This year, I have four measurable goals and one that promises to be more challenging.

1. Write two novels this year.
2. Revise one additional novel.
3. Ready new speeches or talks at least four weeks previous to presentation.
4. Use handweights at least once a week.
5. Go there. Put your characters in hard situations. Make them wish they only felt crummy. Risk feeling the necessary feelings the characters are experiencing. Prepare to cry and get goosebumps and feel your whole body buzz with excitement. Go there.

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